Fred Jones Jr.
Portrayed by
Frank Welker
First seen
Beware the Beast Below
Last seen
The Hodag of Horror
Appeared in
First mentioned
Episode count
Frederick Jones Junior
Also known as
Freddie/Freddy (by Daphne Blake)
Jones Boy (by Barty Blake
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Crystal Cove
Amateur Sleuth
Family members
Fred Jones Sr. - Illegal Foster Father
Brad Chiles - Biological Father
Judy Reeves - Biological Mother
1 2
Frederick "Fred" Jones, Jr. was the leader of Crystal Cove's newest incarnation of "Mystery Incorporated", until the revelation that the man he thought was his father, Fred Jones, Sr. (the town's mayor), had actually kidnapped him from his real parents, Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves, leading him to break up the gang in order to locate them.


Early LifeEdit

Brad and Judy, two members of the original Mystery Inc., married and had a baby boy. Brad tried to come back to Crystal Cove, but Mayor Jones wanted to stop him, so he took the baby as ransom and said no harm would come to him as long as they stayed away. Mayor Jones gave the baby the false name of "Fred Jones, Jr." and showed him a picture cut from a magazine that was supposed to be his mother who left when he was just a little baby.

Season 1Edit

fred likes daphne and they're engaged in the last season of scooby doo mistery inc. season 2 

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